What is Unity?

Unity is an option for ApeParkDAO revenue maximization. Unity users have their APDs on the ApeParkDAO page Unity for earning rewards. Rebase Rewards are issued from Bargain sales and vary according to the number of uAPDs (Unity APD) in the protocol.

Unity is a passive and long-term strategy. Your uAPD will gradually increase and your cost base will continue to decline. In other words, even if the market price drops below the price you buy, when most users take the APD they buy to Unity, and Unity is long enough, your uAPD balance will grow faster than the price drop.

When you are Unity, Your APD will be locked and get the same number of uAPDs. Your uAPD account balance will be automatically rewarded at each cycle (epoch), and uAPD can be transferred (to other wallets).

When you cancel Unity, you will destroy the uAPD and receive the same number of APDs, canceling Unity means that the user will be disqualified from receiving rewards. It must be noted that the number of rewards available depends only on the number of Unity; The remaining uAPD (If any) will continue to receive rewards.

It takes 6 epochs to cancel Unity, which is called the vesting term. During this term, participants' uAPD tokens are locked by Unity. After the vesting term expires, Unity users can claim the full amount of APDs.

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